3 Reasons Microsoft Teams is Better Than Slack

Yes, Slack has been around a while, and it does facilitate ongoing conversations – just like your persistent text message strings with your closest friends. BUT – Teams is better because:

Microsoft Teams
for Any Device
  1. Security – it sits in the framework of Microsofts super secure data centers and offers a wide variety of controls to business users to keep information segregated or shared, safe for just your team, or share with a huge group both outside and inside your business.
  2. Integration – Can be connected and integrated with ALL of the MS Office apps and many more like Trello, Salesforce, Workday, etc. Your team never really has to leave the teams interface. It’s kind of like your cell phone screen, but way better at the multitasking parts.
  3. Voice – you can go straight from a text conversation to a phone call (VOIP) if the info just gets too complicated to type out! : ) and if your conversation is in a Team Channel, you can record the call. (So, you can save those important breakthru ideas.) Then it saves the recording to Microsoft Stream so you can share it directly from the cloud with others. No downloading, converting or other problems with large files!

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Find More Value in Office 365

Did you purchase an Office 365 subscription just to download the desktop software?

If you did – you are missing out on so much value.

Based on purchasing cloud based data storage, the $12.50 a month for the Business Essentials gives you 1 TB of cloud storage per user in OneDrive.  Just that part and feature of Office 365 would cost close to $4 for a personal OneDrive.

Learn how to use this feature to access your files, photo’s and almost anything from any device – MAC, Phones, Tablets, any PC or internet connected device.  And, then – you can update those files anytime, even when you are not connected.  The moment you reconnect to the internet all of the files will be synced and updated.

The $12.50 a month package even includes SharePoint, and an ever increasing number of super apps like Teams & Flow.

Would it save you time if a specific set of email attachments were sent straight to a SharePoint library you can access from any device and could be shared with your team or your external client, vendors, partners, etc?

Please get in touch and let me show you how to save time, money, automate your business & help you get all the value possible out of Office 365.

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New Ways of WordPress

GeneratePress WordPress Theme

Today I tried out a new WordPress Theme called Generate Press.  It’s free to download.

It presents a nice clean appearance and is easy to learn how to setup. Though simple to use, in order to customize the look and feel or add things to it to spice up how your website looks – you have to pay for and download the plug in.

I guess that is the new way to produce some income from developing themes, since there are many free themes.  Free themes tend to have limited abilities and that sets up the need for addons like plug ins, widgets and other accessories.  You can spend hours looking through the possibilities.

The plug in adds these features:

Page Headers
Secondary Navigation
Disable Elements
Import & Export

The first three – colors, backgrounds and typography are probably most important to someone who wants to make their website have a unique look.

And, of course, if your website is a blog you’ll want to have the ability to control the blog customization’s this theme provides.

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