New Ways of WordPress

GeneratePress WordPress Theme

Today I tried out a new WordPress Theme called Generate Press.  It’s free to download.

It presents a nice clean appearance and is easy to learn how to setup. Though simple to use, in order to customize the look and feel or add things to it to spice up how your website looks – you have to pay for and download the plug in.

I guess that is the new way to produce some income from developing themes, since there are many free themes.  Free themes tend to have limited abilities and that sets up the need for addons like plug ins, widgets and other accessories.  You can spend hours looking through the possibilities.

The plug in adds these features:

Page Headers
Secondary Navigation
Disable Elements
Import & Export

The first three – colors, backgrounds and typography are probably most important to someone who wants to make their website have a unique look.

And, of course, if your website is a blog you’ll want to have the ability to control the blog customization’s this theme provides.

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